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Introduction to ESG

In this course, instructor Fulya Kocak Gin explains what the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) umbrella encompasses, why there is an increasing momentum around ESG, why corporations are expected to address their impact in environmental and social aspects of their businesses, and how governance plays into these efforts. Fulya covers foundational concepts under each one of the E, S, and G areas. She connects the dots between traditional social responsibility and sustainability projects and business performance, sustainable investing, and risk management.


Introduction to Sustainability for Design, Construction & Manufacturing

Design, construction, and manufacturing are vital industries, but have you wondered about ways to make them sustainable while adding value? In this course, instructor Fulya Kocak Gin explains what sustainability means for an organization and how you can implement it as a business strategy. Fulya explores the reasons behind increasing demand for sustainability. She pulls examples from architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing to show you the various roles involved in sustainability, how to set up a sustainability program, and the reasons to pursue these strategies. Fulya identifies key sustainability concepts, such as a circular economy, green buildings, and environmental management systems. She concludes by discussing how climate change affects everyone and how organizations can offset risks and take advantage of the opportunities that climate change presents.


Intro to LEED Certification

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system evaluates buildings for their environmental performance and encourages the use of green building practices. Designs with LEED certification may qualify for tax breaks and incentives, as well as industry awards and recognition. If you have been looking for more information about the LEED rating system and certification process, this is the course for you. It provides everything you need to know about LEED in one place—from a seasoned practitioner's view. Instructor Fulya Kocak Gin is a LEED Fellow who has certified a wide variety of projects. She explains exactly what it means to build green, and how you can leverage your hard work by achieving a LEED certification. Learn about the various LEED ratings, adaptations, versions, credits and prerequisites, and categories. Fulya then dives deeper into each category, exploring the range of credits and relevant strategies you can pursue, from sustainable sites and water efficiency to green materials and environmental quality.


Certprep: LEED Green Associate

Are you passionate—and knowledgeable—about the latest green building principles and practices? If so, earning the LEED Green Associate credential can help you advance your career by demonstrating your expertise in sustainable design, construction, and building operations. In this course, instructor Fulya Kocak Gin gives you an overview of what to expect on the LEED Green Associate exam and provides background on the key topics and concepts you need to know. Fulya covers alternative transportation options, sustainable site strategies, ways to reduce energy and water use, renewable energy solutions, enhanced indoor air strategies, and much more. Plus, she includes a practice exam so you can solidify your understanding of the concepts covered in this course.


Green Building Concepts Foundation

Green buildings offer a host of environmental and economic benefits while supporting the health and well-being of their occupants. In this practical course, discover how to design, build, and operate buildings from a green perspective. Instructor Fulya Kocak Gin begins by explaining what makes a building green. Fulya then goes over the different components of green buildings, discussing resource efficiency and the importance of location and site design. In addition, she covers notable green building rating systems and credentials, including the LEED rating system. Upon completing this course, you'll be equipped with key information that can help you decide which aspect of green buildings—and which certification types—to focus on based on your individual priorities.


Intro to LEED Credentialing

Earning a LEED credential signifies your deep understanding of sustainable design and construction. If you're interested in earning a LEED credential but aren't sure where to start, then this course can help. Join instructor Fulya Kocak Gin as she demystifies the LEED credentialing process, going over the different types of LEED credentials, who each credential is suitable for, and how to prepare for the different credentialing exams. Fulya steps through how to register for your exam, discusses the format and content for key exams such as the LEED Green Associate exam, and shares tips for studying effectively. Plus, she goes over how to maintain your credential once you've earned it.


Green Jobs for Sustainable Careers

Looking for a greener job? Why wait when the world is hiring? Climate change and sustainability are transforming today’s economy, shifting the priorities of many companies and the way we think about work. In this course, instructor Fulya Kocak Gin walks you through the emerging green jobs market, with tips on customizing a strategy to effectively land a greener role, regardless of where you are in your career.

Discover the new world of work and what you can do now to become a part of it. Explore the rising demand for green jobs, sustainable careers, and green skills, as Fulya shows you how to get started and land a role that works for you. Whether you’re a student or entry-level candidate, or a career changer or advanced professional, there’s a green job out there waiting for you.


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